About us

HTI is a company based in Lyon (France) specializing in advanced ceramics. HTI is the only manufacturer in France to master the technology of ceramic plasma coating, developing solid ceramic and diamond machining to offer a wide range of reliable solutions for your product.

The activity of the company started with the achievement of plasma deposition and has diversified into diamond machining and production of bulk ceramics. Today, the company integrates the entire production from powder to laser marking.

Our business areas are diversified: medical devices, textiles, chemicals, machine tools, food processing, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Some dates

  • 1980: Development of the first ceramic coating on implants by plasma spraying
  • 1983: Start of production of alumina femoral heads
  • 1986: Machining raw zirconia femoral heads
  • 1987: Creation of the HTI Group comprises 3 subsidiaries specialty (plasma, bulk ceramics, mechanical subcontracting on titanium and PE)
  • 1986: Approval of the material Biozyr
  • 1993: Restructuring of the group and integration of all ceramic process within the same entity
  • 1996: ISO9001 Certification
  • 1998: Commissioning of a first clean room cleaning and conditioning of coated implants
  • 2000: EN46001 Certification and ISO13485
  • 2003: HTI Moving to the new site Décines (15 km from St Exupéry airport)
  • 2006: Start of production of implants for the spine Biozyr
  • 2010: Launch of a new production facility at 65 Avenue F. Roosevelt
  • 2011: creation of the company “HTI Med”

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