Two powerful bioceramics for your products:

Deux biocéramiques performantes pour vos produits :

Bioceramics for medical application.

Over 25 years of success in orthopedics

Couple hard ceramic / ceramic:

one of the lowest wear rate

Significant reduction of osteolysis

rapid osseointegration

Stability over time

Deviation form & lt; 0.3 microns

Roughness & lt; 0.01 microns

Easily fits your range of implants

Fully integrated since the choice of the diamond powder to the machining processes

ISO9001 & ISO13485 Certifications

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Reliability, unmatched aesthetics and biocompatibility!

biozyr vert

 Biozyr®,   Zircone ISO13356


  Bioceral®,   Alumine ISO6474-1