Ceramics features

There are as many qualities as ceramics: hardness, elasticity, insulation, temperature, etc.

To each requirement, there is a ceramic.


Ceramics are fragile?

Let’s discover our Zirconia hammer!



– With an aluminium oxide basis have an excellent resistance to wear from abrasion, friction,, heat and oxidation;

– Doped with titanium oxide present a good machinability for very thin quality surface and good tribological features;

– With a titanium oxide basis have a better resistance to thermic contacts;

– With a chrome oxide basis for excellent sliding and friction features.

Monolithic ceramics:


Alumina or Zirconia;

Resistance to impacts and abrasion;

Bending resistance;

High hardness;

Various qualities (regarding friction, mechanics, electrics, thermic, chemicals, etc.);

Excellent resistance to chemical attacks;

Temperature up to 2,400°C;

Hardness from 600 to 2,500 HV.

HTI is the only manufacturer in France to master the technology of ceramic plasma coating, the elaboration of massive ceramics and diamond machining to offer you a varied range of solutions worthy of your products.